Earliest occurrence of Embiidae: A new genus from earliest Eocene Oise amber (Insecta: Embiodea)

Elsa FALIÈRES, Michael S. ENGEL & André NEL

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 20 (38) - Pages 799-805

Published on 04 October 2021

A new genus and species of webspinner, Galloembia raholai n. gen. et n. sp., is described from the earliest Eocene Oise amber of France. The species is currently the oldest record of the family, a taxon previously known from only as far back as the middle Eocene Baltic amber and an exceptionally dubious Eocene-Oligocene impression fossil of the central United States. The genus is diagnosed and compared with other genera of Embiidae.


Insecta, Embiodea, Embiidae, new genus, new species, oldest record

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