Faunes et paléoenvironnements des principaux sites archéologiques plio-pléistocènes de la formation de Nachukui (Ouest-Turkana, Kenya)

Jean-Philip BRUGAL, Hélène ROCHE & Mzalendo KIBUNJIA

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 2 (8) - Pages 675-684

Published on 31 December 2003

Faunas and paleoenvironments from main archaeological Plio-Pleistocene sites of the Nachukui Formation (West Turkana, Kenya)

The Nachukui Formation is currently under archaeological investigation, especially within the Kalochoro (2.35 – 1.9 Myr) and Kaitio (1.9 – 1.65 Myr) Members. Six main archaeological sites have been excavated from this time period, which yield rich vertebrate faunas collected in situ or in close vicinity to the site. Paleontological studies help to precise the specific diversity for each site and increase our documentation for each Member with the discovery of new taxa. They allow to provide new informations about the biotope diversities exploited by Hominids and show a climatic tendency towards more humid environment between the Members.


Vertebrates, Plio-Pleistocene, West Turkana, Kenya, paleoenvironments

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