Deux nouvelles tortues de l'Éocène inférieur de Saint-Papoul (Aude, France)


fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 2 (8) - Pages 617-624

Published on 31 December 2003

Two new turtles from the Lower Eocene of Saint-Papoul (Aude, France)

Among the fossil turtles from of the Lower Eocene of Saint-Papoul (Aude, France), two new taxa of freshwater Testudinoidea are described. The first is a new species of the genus Palaeoemys , known before in the Lutetian of Germany. The second taxon is a new genus, also described on material of Pépieux-Cesseras and Eygalayes.


Eocene, France, Palaeoemys, Testudinoidea

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