Chuaria, Tawuia, Longfengshania . Trois classes de fossiles précambriens pour un même taxon


fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 2 (6-7) - Pages 503-508

Published on 30 November 2003

This article is a part of the thematic issue Les chemins de l’Évolution : sur les pas de Steven Jay Gould

Chuaria, Tawuia, Longfengshania . Three classes of Precambrian fossils for the same taxon

Chuaria, Tawuia and Longfengshania are three Precambrian fossils preserved as carbonaceous compressions. They were found together in the Tuanshanzi Formation, China, circa 1700 Ma. Kumar discovered that Tawuia was used in Rampura, India, as a peduncle linking Chuaria to an adhesive base. He interpreted this combination as a seaweed bearing a ball of spores. The present paper supports the hypothesis that Chuaria, Tawuia and Longfengshania refer to three stages in the development of the same individual that was not a seaweed but a distant relative of the common ancestor of Metazoa and Fungi, a forerunner of the current Dictyostelids.


Chuaria, Tawuia, Longfengshania, Précambrien, Tuanshanzi, Dictyostelium

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