Dinosaurs from the Maastrichtian-type area (southeastern Netherlands, northeastern Belgium)

John W. M. JAGT, Eric W. A. MULDER, Anne S. SCHULP, Rudi W. DORTANGS & René H. B. FRAAIJE

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 2 (1) - Pages 67-76

Published on 31 January 2003

In comparison to pre-1980 records of nonavian dinosaur remains from the Maastrichtian type strata, material collected during the past 20 years is both fairly common and diverse, consisting mostly of isolated cranial and post-cranial remains of hadrosaurids. With the exception of the type specimen of Megalosaurus bredai Seeley, a fragmentary right femur, no theropod material is represented in collections screened by us. In the present contribution, specimens recognised in various collections subsequent to our last tabulation (1999) are illustrated and briefly discussed. Although we are fully aware that the material is too limited to draw meaningful conclusions from, the specimens are here tied-in with a preliminary sequence-stratigraphic interpretation of the type Maastrichtian, which is currently being refined by strontium-isotope studies of coleoid cephalopods.


Ornithopoda, Theropoda, Maastrichtian, Distribution, The Netherlands, Belgium, sequence stratigraphy

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