Thyreophoran vertebrae from the Callovian (Middle Jurassic) of the Vaches Noires cliffs (Normandy, France), with remarks on the dinosaur assemblage from the Vaches Noires


en Comptes Rendus Palevol 18 (7) - Pages 891-896

Published on 30 November 2019

This article is a part of the thematic issue Palaeobiology and palaeobiogeography of amphibians and reptiles: An homage to Jean-Claude Rage

Two associated incomplete thyreophoran dorsal vertebrae from the Callovian Marnes de Dives Formation of the Vaches Noires cliffs, on the Normandy coast, are referred to an indeterminate stegosaur that appears to be different from Lexovisaurus, previously reported from the Callovian of western France. These vertebrae are the first evidence of thyreophorans from the Vaches Noires and complement the dinosaur assemblage from this locality, which hitherto consisted of several theropod taxa and an indeterminate sauropod. The dinosaur record from the Vaches Noires is heavily dominated by theropods and this imbalance is difficult to explain. A possible explanation may be that the dinosaur sample from the Vaches Noires is too small to be statistically significant and representative of the original faunal assemblage from which it is derived.


Dinosauria, Thyreophora, Stegosauria, vertebrae, Callovian, Jurassic, Normandy

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