Re-assessment of the Oligocene genera Prosotherium and Propachyrucos (Hegetotheriidae, Notoungulata)

Federico Damián SEOANE, Esperanza CERDEÑO & Hayley SINGLETON

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 18 (6) - Pages 643-662

Published on 30 September 2019

Several systematic revisions of the Hegetotheriidae have been published in the last twenty years, but some important taxonomic work remains limited to unpublished studies. In one such thesis, the late Oligocene genera Prosotherium and Propachyrucos were revised, so that Prosotherium garzoni and Propachyrucos smithwoodwardi were considered the only valid species for each genus. Later authors loosely accepted these informal revisions, but recent phylogenetic coding has yet to accurately reflect these revisions, with character states often at odds with the known material for these genera. This study re-examines most of the fossil material assigned to Propachyrucos and Prosotherium, including both published and unpublished fossils, and contributes to a better understanding of the systematics, taxonomic diversity and early morphological evolution of the pachyrukhines. We conclude that Prosotherium garzoni and Propachyrucos smithwoodwardi are indeed the only valid species for each genus, confirming the influential but unpublished revisions that have become widely accepted. The known material for these species is clarified to aid future phylogenetic studies. At the same time, Propachyrucos aequilatus and Pr. robustus are herein considered nomina dubia. Additionally, Miocene species originally ascribed to Propachyrucos, along with unpublished material loosely assigned to the same genus, are here synonymized with other genera. Finally, several fossils previously recognized as Prosotherium sp. are here recognized as P. garzoni .


Notoungulata, Typotheria, Hegetotheriidae, Systematics, Oligocene, Argentina

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