Stratigraphical distribution of the Ordovician graptolite Azygograptus Nicholson & Lapworth in the Central Andean Basin (northwestern Argentina and southern Bolivia)


en Comptes Rendus Palevol 18 (5) - Pages 493-507

Published on 31 August 2019

We analyzed new occurrences of Azygograptus lapworthi from the Cordillera Oriental, Argentina. The bearer sandstones levels, corresponding to the Acoite Formation, are overlying the deposits, in which the Didymograptellus bifidus Biozone (Lower Ordovician, upper Floian, Fl3) was previously recognized, and are overlain by younger pelitic levels yielding Xiphograptus lofuensis (Middle Ordovician, early Dapingian, Dp2). Previous records from the Central Andean Basin are also reviewed in detail and accurately correlated, allowing us to conclude that the Azygograptus lapworthi Biozone corresponds to the Middle Ordovician (lower Dapingian, Dp1). This biostratigraphic framework documents that the transition between the Lower and Middle Ordovician deposits occurs in the uppermost levels of the Acoite Formation in the Argentine Cordillera Oriental. It is additionally integrated with up to date conodont records to establish a high-resolution regional correlation, with equivalent deposits from the Puna of northwestern Argentina and Cordillera Oriental of Bolivia, and to discuss new insights for global correlation.


Azygograptus , Graptolithina, Argentina, Bolivia, Biostratigraphy, Correlation

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