Feeding ecology of Late Pleistocene Muntiacus muntjak in the Padang Highlands (Sumatra)

Mathias WIRKNER & Christine HERTLER

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 18 (5) - Pages 541-554

Published on 31 August 2019

The Dubois Collectie comprises around 1000 isolated fossil teeth of Muntiacus muntjak from the Padang Highlands in Sumatra. The majority were retrieved from one of the three fossil cave sites Lida Ajer, Sibrambang or Jambu. Lida Ajer is the only cave, for which exact location, geology as well as the age of the fossiliferous deposits are known. Using the mesowear method, we searched for differences in the dietary signal of Muntiacus muntjak and thus in the paleoenvironments of the three caves. Muntiacus muntjak from either one of the caves does not differ significantly in the composition of its diet, showing a mixed feeder signal. The samples of Lida Ajer and Sibrambang illustrate an increase of the mixed feeding component, which could be the result of higher seasonality.


Late Pleistocene, Muntiacus muntjak , Mesowear, Paleodiet, Paleoecology, Sumatra

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