Cambrian trilobite fauna of the Haydenaspis parvatya level (Series 2, Stage 4): Its stratigraphic position with respect to the Oryctocephalus indicus Biozone (Miaolingian Series, Wuliuan Stage) in the Spiti Himalaya, India

Ramanpreet KAUR, Birendra P. SINGH, Om Narayan BHARGAVA, Garry SINGLA & Stanzin STOPDEN

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 18 (3) - Pages 298-305

Published on 31 May 2019

Refinement of the Cambrian biozonation in the Parahio valley, Spiti region (Himalaya) leads to the demarcation of the stratigraphic distance between the Haydenaspis parvatya level (Series 2, Stage 4) and the Oryctocephalus indicus Biozone (base of the Miaolingian Series, Wuliuan Stage), which has been a subject of debate. The present work suggests that these two trilobite beds in the Kaltarbo section are separated by 183.4 m of strata. Whether either taxon ranges beyond the beds they are found in this section or others in the Parahio Valley is yet unknown.


Haydenaspis parvatya level, Oryctocephalus indicus Biozone, stratigraphic distance, Parahio valley, Spiti, India

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