Chronology of the Neolithic Necropolis at Camí de Can Grau (NE-Iberian Peninsula). Funerary pattern changes and long-distance raw material exchanges

Berta MORELL, Stephanie DUBOSCQ, Alba MASCLANS, Gerard REMOLINS, Roser POU, Miquel MARTÍ, Joan Antón BARCELÓ, Xavier OMS, Francisco Javier SANTOS, Millán Mozota HOLGUERAS, María Eulàlia SUBIRA & Juan F. GIBAJA

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 17 (6) - Pages 399-412

Published on 31 July 2018

Camí de Can Grau is one of the most important Neolithic necropolises of the “Pit Burials” horizon (North-East of the Iberian Peninsula. Late fifth–early fourth millennia cal BC), because of its large number of graves. However, the number of buried individuals and the type of grave goods of the site have some peculiarities suggesting that could be one of the last manifestations of this horizon. For proving that, a radiocarbon dating programme and some statistical analysis were carried out so as to determine its chronology. The results are discussed regarding the duration of the necropolis, the degree of contemporaneity between graves and grave goods and the number of buried individuals. Moreover, chronological relationships with other similar contexts of the same horizon and located in other regions are presented. This study goes beyond a purely local research, as it proposes a method for addressing the chronology of funerary contexts.


Iberian Peninsula, Neolithic, Funerary practices, Raw material exchange, Radiocarbon dating, Statistical analysis, Bayesian Modelling

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