Techno-économie et signification culturelle de l’occupation moustérienne supérieure de Baume-Vallée (Haute-Loire)

Erwan VAISSIÉ, Vincent DELVIGNE, Jean-Philippe FAIVRE, Paul FERNANDES, Alain TURQ & Jean-Paul RAYNAL

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 16 (7) - Pages 804-819

Published on 31 October 2017

Techno-economy and cultural significance of the upper Mousterian occupation from Baume-Vallée (Haute-Loire)

The archaeological units of the Baume-Vallée rock shelter (Haute-Loire) in the South-East of the Massif Central, excavated by A. Laborde (from 1966 to 1973) then by J.-P. Raynal (from 1974 to 1996), have yielded abundant lithic assemblages attributed to the late Middle Paleolithic, characterized by a remarkable diversity of the raw materials used. The lithic industry of the upper units had previously been described as belonging to the Charentian facies lato sensu , then was attributed to the Ferrassie-type Mousterian. The technology and the techno-economic revision of its upper assemblage bring new information on the flaking mechanisms and the steps of the chaînes opératoires. These data tend to include this assemblage in the Levallois techno-complexes with scrappers often observed in late Middle Paleolithic of southeastern France.


Middle Paleolithic, Massif Central, Lithic technology, Chaîne opératoire, Techno-economy, Levallois, Neandertal

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