A new hawker dragonfly from the Middle Jurassic of China (Odonata: Aeshnoptera)

Stefan PINKERT, André NEL & Di-Ying HUANG

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 16 (4) - Pages 378-381

Published on 31 July 2017

A new genus and species Linqibinia panae of paracymatophlebiid hawker dragonfly is described from the Middle Jurassic Haifanggou Formation (Inner Mongolia, China). Previously only known from Karatau in Kazakhstan, the discovery of another member of this family extends its range across Central Asia. It confirms that the Aeshnoptera was among the most diverse odonatan clades during the Middle-Late Jurassic.


Odonata, Paracymatophlebiidae, Middle Jurassic, Haifanggou Formation, Daohugou, Systematics, Palaeodiversity

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