Differentiation of three Martes species (M. martes, M. zibellina, M. foina) by tooth morphotypes


en Comptes Rendus Palevol 14 (8) - Pages 647-656

Published on 31 December 2015

We studied crown morphology of Martes foina, M. martes, and M. zibellina from different regions of the northern Eurasia and described its morphotypes. The following has been identified: three morphotypes for P3, eight morphotypes for P4, 16 morphotypes for M1, four morphotypes for i3, three morphotypes for p3, four morphotypes for p4, nine morphotypes for m1, and three morphotypes for m2. Morphotypes for P4, i3, m1, and m2 are described for the first time. Morphotype frequency is given for each species. It was found that 3 teeth (i3, m1, and m2) are enough for differentiation of the sable, stone marten, and pine marten. We used the above-mentioned dental patterns for species identification of the teeth belonging to the representatives of the genus Martes from archaeological sites of the southern Urals. M. foina, M. martes, and M. zibellina inhabited the territory under study in the Holocene. We have also given some consideration to the morphotypes of Tertiary and Quaternary members of the genus Martes and come to preliminary conclusions about evolutionary trends.


Species analysis, Pine marten, Stone marten, Sable, Morphotypes, Teeth, Archaeological sites

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