Test excavations and initial results at the Middle and Upper Paleolithic sites of Gilvaran, Kaldar, Ghamari caves and Gar Arjene Rockshelter, Khorramabad Valley, western Iran

Behrouz BAZGIR, Marcel OTTE, Laxmi TUMUNG, Andreu OLLÉ, Sushama G. DEO, Pramod P. JOGLEKAR, Juan Manuel LÓPEZ-GARCÍA, Andrea PICIN, Davoud DAVOUDI & Jan VAN DER MADE

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 13 (6) - Pages 511-525

Published on 30 September 2014

This paper introduces the excavations in several Paleolithic sites in the Khorramabad Valley, Western Iran. Apart from the two well-known sites of Ghamari Cave and Gar Arjene rock shelter, first excavated by Frank Hole and Kent Flannery in the 1960s, the Gilvaran and Kaldar caves were excavated for the first time. Here we present the stratigraphy of these sites, general data from the lithic assemblages, and the identifications of a small part of the faunal remains. Preliminary results are showing that all of the sites were occupied from the Middle and Upper Paleolithic onward, and therefore provide great potential for the study of the transition between these cultural periods. Our preliminary techno-typological observations show that the lower levels of the Gilvaran and Ghamari sequences may represent an early phase of the Middle Paleolithic.


Middle and Upper Paleolithic, Gilvaran Cave, Kaldar Cave, Ghamari Cave, Gar Arjeneh Rockshelter, Khorramabad Valley, Western Iran

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