A first report of Prolinograptus packhami Rickards and Wright, 1997 from Baltica, Poland


en Comptes Rendus Palevol 13 (3) - Pages 139-146

Published on 31 March 2014

A well-preserved isolated graptolite Prolinograptus packhami Rickards and Wright, 1997, well known from Australia, is described for the first time in Europe. The genus has now been recognized in three continents (Australia, Europe and North America). The Australian P. packhami occurs in the Neocucullograptus inexpectatus/Neocucullograptus kozlowskii biozonal interval, while the form from the Mielnik IG-1 core, Poland, appears earlier, in the Bohemograptus praecornutus Biozone. Prolinograptus, of unclear origin, is one of the least-known genera of the subfamily Linograptinae. P. packhami, along with Neodiversograptus palmeri and Prolinograptus orangensis, form a group of very diminutive specimens, with slender stipes and thecal apertures showing varying degrees of eversion. Scanning electron microscope examination revealed the presence of some micro-ornamentation on the rhabdosome surface of the Polish Prolinograptus, similar to that known in retiolitids (Retiolitidae).


Silurian, Ludlow, Poland, Graptolithina, Prolinograptus, Plankton

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