Le débitage Levallois du site d’Amane Oukider (Sud-Est du Maroc) : analyse technologique d’un assemblage standardisé

Marta ARZARELLO, Larbi BOUDAD, Carlo PERETTO, Stéphanie GUISLAIN & Mohammed AARAB

fr Comptes Rendus Palevol 11 (8) - Pages 567-574

Published on 31 December 2012

The Levallois debitage in the Amane Oukider site (South-East Morocco): Technological analysis of a standardized assemblage

The Amane Oukider site (Tinghir, Anti-Atlas) was discovered by an Italo-Moroccan field crew during an archeological mapping project in South-East Morocco. It is an open-air site located near a outcrop of raw materials composed of dolerite. The only debitage method in evidence is the Levallois (lineal and recurrent centripetal) method; the plein débitage products were systematically exported from the site. The Levallois preferential flakes are characterized by a very high level of standardization and they were probably used as blanks for cleaver production.


Acheulian, Levallois debitage, Standardization, Open-air site, South-East Morocco

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