Dinosaur egg nests, mammals and other vertebrates from a new Maastrichtian site of the Haţeg Basin (Romania)

Vlad A. CODREA, Thierry SMITH, Paul DICA, Annelise FOLIE, Géraldine GARCIA, Pascal GODEFROIT & Jimmy VAN ITTERBEECK

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 1 (3) - Pages 173-180

Published on 30 June 2002

About ten dinosaur nests of large megaloolithid-type eggs have been discovered in the new Maastrichtian locality of Toteşti-baraj (Haţeg Basin, Romania). This is the largest dinosaur egg nest site discovered in Romania. Teeth and other micro-remains of vertebrates such as hadrosaurs, ankylosaurs, theropods, lizards and amphibians are associated with the eggs in the sediments, reflecting the great biodiversity of the Haţeg Basin during the Maastrichtian. But the most remarkable collected micro-remains are teeth of mammals representing at present the richest multituberculate collection from the Upper Cretaceous of Europe.


Maastrichtian, Haţeg Basin, Romania, eggs, dinosaurs, mammals

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