Discovery of a vertebrate fauna in the Lower Oligocene from Vayres-sur-Essonne (Paris Basin, France): biodiversity and palaeoenvironment

Didier MERLE, Jean-Paul BAUT, Léonard GINSBURG, Claire SAGNE, Sophie HERVET, René-Pierre CARRIOL, Marie-Thérèse VÉNEC-PEYRÉ, Marie-Madeleine BLANC-VALLERON, Cécile MOURER-CHAUVIRÉ, Daniel ARAMBOL & Pierre VIETTE

en Comptes Rendus Palevol 1 (2) - Pages 111-116

Published on 31 March 2002

The new rich vertebrates deposit from the Lower Oligocene, at Vayres-sur-Essonne (Essonne, France), contains 34 marine and seven continental taxa, 17 taxa being recorded for the first time from the Paris Basin. The richness of the ichtyofauna is higher than in anyone of the Parisian Oligocene deposits and equals the one of the ‘Argiles de Boom’ (Belgian Rupelian). Its affinities with the septentrional ichtyofauna is confirmed, meridional elements being rare. The terrestrial fauna, the oldest known from stratotypical Stampian (base of the Upper Stampian) shares affinities with the one of Montalbán and attests the occurrence of nearly freshwater environments.


Oligocene, Rupelian, vertebrates, Paris Basin, biodiversity, palaeoenvironment, France

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