Précisions sur l'âge des gisements à mammifères miocènes de Saint-Vincent-de-Lamonjoie (Lot-et-Garonne) et de Navère (Gers)

Christian BULOT & Léonard GINSBURG

fr Bulletin du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, 4ème série – section C – Sciences de la Terre, Paléontologie, Géologie, Minéralogie 18 (4) - Pages 615-628

Published on 28 October 1996

Stratigraphical precisions on the age of miocene mammal localities of Saint-Vincent-de-Lamonjoie (Lot et Garonne) and of Navère (Gers)

The relative position of the Saint-Vincent-de-Lamonjoie and of the Navère sites is similar, in comparison with the typical layers used as a reference in the Haut-Armagnac. Their stratigraphical situation being equivalent, their age is the same. In each site, the fauna content, as far as rodents and lagomorphs are concerned, strengthens this idea and shows that they belong to the MN3. Recent discoveries and precisions brought by the rodents allow to sharpen some more and to talk about final MN3.


Miocene, France, rodents, lagomorphs, stratigraphy