Oranobothus arambourgi n.g. n.sp.(Pisces, Pleuronectiformes, Bothidae) provenant du Messinien (Miocène supérieur) d'Oran (Algérie)


fr Bulletin du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, 4ème série – section C – Sciences de la Terre, Paléontologie, Géologie, Minéralogie 18 (4) - Pages 555-568

Published on 28 October 1996

Oranobothus arambourgi n.g. n.sp. (Pisces, Pleuronectiformes, Bothidae) from the Messinian (Upper Miocene) of Oran (Algeria)

The aim of this paper is the description of a new genus and a new species belonging to the bothid family: Oranobothus arambourgi n.g. n.sp. This fossil species possesses some particular intermuscular bones: the myorhabdoï. As the presence of these bones is an apomorphic feature for Bothidae, it is consistent with the attribution of Oranobothus arambourgi to the Bothidae. Oranobothus arambourgi differs from the known fossil and recent Bothidae by the shape of the urohyal and the presence of radiating grooves on the hypural plates. Because the interrelationships between the Bothidae are obscure, the phylogenetic position of Oranobothus arambourgi n.g. n.sp. cannot be assigned.


Messinian, Oran, Algeria, Teleostei, Pleuronectiformes, Bothidae, Oranobothus arambourgi n.g. n.sp