Revised Upper Silurian-Lower Devonian ichthyostratigraphy of northern France and southern Belgium (Artois-Ardenne)

Alain R. M. BLIECK, Francis MEILLIEZ, Daniel GOUJET & Philippe JANVIER

en Bulletin du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, 4ème série – section C – Sciences de la Terre, Paléontologie, Géologie, Minéralogie 17 (1-4) - Pages 447-459

Published on 01 September 1995

39 localities within the Upper Silurian-Lower Devonian sequence of the Ardenne-Artois area yield vertebrate species which allow correlation with at least the vertebrate succession of the Welsh Borderland, England, and of Spitsbergen. Invertebrate fossils and palynomorphs suggest a correlation with the marine facies elsewhere in Europe. Relating the vertebrate biostratigraphy to that of conodont-graptolite-dacryoconarids is problematic but the postulated acme of the local vertebrate faunas in the lower crouchi zone of Artois may be related to the high sea level of the eurekaensis zone, and the impoverishment of the upper leachi and lower dunensis zones to the low sea level of the upper Lochkovian-Pragian.


Upper Silurian, Lower Devonian, vertebrates, northern France (Artois), southern Belgium (Ardenne), biostratigraphy, correlation