A taxonomic revision of the Lophocoleaceae Vanden Berghen (Marchantiophyta) of New Caledonia


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 44 (1) - Pages 1-60

Published on 16 January 2023

Prior to this study, 51 species of Lophocoleaceae Vanden Berghen were reported from New Caledonia. Evolving taxonomic concepts have resulted in major recent changes in the taxonomy of Lophocoleaceae at generic level. This paper presents the results of taxonomic revision of the Lophocoleaceae of New Caledonia based on study of the types and further historical as well as recent collections. All accepted species are described and illustrated, with citation of types and synonyms. A key to the New Caledonian species and an index of species names, including those excluded from Lophocoleaceae, are provided. As a result of this revision, 27 species of Lophocoleaceae are accepted for New Caledonia. Heteroscyphus Schiffn. is the largest genus with 18 species, followed by Lophocolea (Dumort.) Dumort. (5 spp.), Chiloscyphus Corda (1), Cryptolophocolea L.Söderstr. (2) and Otoscyphus J.J.Engel, Bardat & Thouvenot (1). Seven species are excluded from the territory and one species is a doubtful taxon.


New Caledonia, liverworts, Lophocoleaceae, Acrobolbaceae, Brevianthaceae, determination key, lectotypifications, new synonyms, new combinations

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