An integrative taxonomic revision of Aneuraceae H.Klinggr. (Marchantiophyta) from Guadeloupe and Martinique, French West Indies

Catherine REEB, Elisabeth LAVOCAT BERNARD & S. Robbert GRADSTEIN

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 43 (8) - Pages 135-152

Published on 06 July 2022

Identification of Aneuraceae H.Klinggr. from the West Indies is a challenge as a modern taxonomic treatment for the region is lacking. Here we present a revision of the species from Guadeloupe and Martinique using an integrative, morphological and molecular approach. We recognize seven species of Riccardia Gray (R. chamedryfolia (With.) Grolle, R. fucoidea (Sw.) C.Massal., R. hymenophytoides (Spruce) Meenks, R. innovans (Steph.) Pagán, R. regnellii (Ångstr.) K.G.Hell, R. schwaneckei (Steph.) Pagán, R. stipatiflora (Steph.) Pagán) and one species of Aneura Dumort. (A. pinguis (L.) Dumort.) based on examination of types and other collections, as well as on molecular species delimitation analysis using barcoding methods. All species are briefly discussed and illustrated, and a key to species is provided. Riccardia diablotina (Spruce) Pagán, R. distans (Spruce) Pagán, R. grossidens (Steph.) Pagán and R. virgata (Gottsche ex Steph.) Pagán are new synonyms of R. fucoidea, and R. fendleri (Steph.) Pagán, R. planifrons (Spruce) Pagán and R. subsimplex (Steph.) Pagán are new synonyms of R. regnellii.


Liverworts, Aneuraceae, West Indies, species delimitation, integrative taxonomy, lectotypification, new synonyms

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