Data to the Malaysian liverwort flora, III: New Lejeuneaceae records from Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia

Muhammad Syafiq SARIMI, Tamás PÓCS & Gaik Ee LEE

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 42 (19) - Pages 249-267

Published on 20 December 2021

New Malaysian records from the family Lejeuneaceae are presented, including four species new to Malaysia and seven new to Peninsular Malaysia (Kelantan or Terengganu). The new records include Lejeunea convexiloba M.L.So & R.L.Zhu, which was only known from China and Radula grandilobula Promma & Chantanaorr. , which was only known from its type from southern Thailand and Borneo. All species are illustrated, their diagnostic characteristics and morphological comparison between their allies are provided and discussed, habitat and distribution are given.


Lejeuneaceae, liverworts, Malaysia, new records

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