Contribution to the bryophyte flora of New Caledonia IV. Species new to the country, new localities together with taxonomic notes


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 42 (13) - Pages 181-196

Published on 17 September 2021

Thirteen liverworts and the same number of mosses are reported from recent collections in New Caledonia and from some type specimens kept in PC. Among them, 13 are new to this French oversea territory (seven liverworts and six mosses, including the new genus Rhaphidostichum M.Fleisch.). Ectropothecium papillosulum Thér. is a new synonym of E. sodale (Sull.) Mitt. and Isopterygium sarasinii Thér. is proposed as a synonym of I. albescens (Hook.) A.Jaeger. Hymenostomum francii Thér. is transferred to Weissia Hedw. as W. francii (Thér.) Thouvenot comb. nov. and H. aristatulum Broth. & Paris is transferred to Trichostomum Bruch as T. tonghoueensis Thouvenot nom. nov. The occurrences in New Caledonia of nine species are confirmed. That includes three liverworts and one moss only known from their types, one liverwort only known from the types of synonyms, one liverwort and one moss new to North Province, and a new locality for the liverwort Cololejeunea morobensis (Pócs) Pócs that complement single earlier report. As a result, New Caledonian bryophyte flora includes 1064 species or infraspecific taxa (522 mosses, 528 liverworts and 14 hornworts). All the species involved are commented, three of them are described, seven illustrated and a key to the New Caledonian Myurium Schimp. species is provided.


Bryophyta, Marchantiophyta, new records, new localities, new names, New Caledonia, Pacific region

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