Two new synonyms and extended distribution of Anastrophyllum ellipticum Inoue (Anastrophyllaceae: Marchantiophyta)

Shuvadeep MAJUMDAR & David LONG

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 41 (4) - Pages 49-53

Published on 11 March 2020

The Sino-Himalayan Anastrophyllum lignicola D.B.Schill & D.G.Long and A. minutum (Schreb.) R.M.Schust. var. himalayanum S.Srivast., S.C.Srivast. & K.K.Rawat are newly designated as synonyms of the Japanese A. ellipticum Inoue. The similarities between these taxa are summarised to support this new synonymy, and the current known distribution now ranges from the NW Himalaya of India, through Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh in NE India, Yunnan and Sichuan in China, Altai in Russia to Japan. Photomicrographs of the distinctive gemmae of A. ellipticum are provided.


Anastrophyllaceae, East Asia, new synonymy

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