Recording a syncarpy form and the first abnormal capsule lid worldwide in Byum dichotomum Hedw. population of Saudi Arabia


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 41 (16) - Pages 215-218

Published on 21 October 2020

After quite a while, since 1950, from recording syncarpy “or double capsules” phenomena, the syncarpy is reported in the current study on a sporophyte of Byum dichotomum Hedw. In addition, we record a deformation case of a lid for one capsule carried by the same species to another individual of B. dichotomum population for the first time worldwide. Byum dichotomum was found growing on moist, shaded inclined land of Al-Shafa road, Taif Province in Saudi Arabia. The syncarpy phenomenon and the appearance of an abnormal lid have been discussed and illustrated.


Syncarpy, double capsules, abnormal lid, Byum dichotomum Hedw., Saudi Arabia

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