New and noteworthy bryophyte records from Croatia

Antun ALEGRO, Vedran ŠEGOTA, Anja RIMAC, Thomas KIEBACHER, Dragan PRLIĆ, Zorana SEDLAR, Nina VUKOVIĆ & Beata PAPP

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 40 (2) - Pages 5-13

Published on 20 March 2019

Within the course of a recent, extensive bryophyte survey across the whole country, eight moss taxa have been recorded for the first time in Croatia: Conardia compacta (Drumm. ex Müll. Hal.) H. Rob., Cynodontium tenellum (Schimp.) Limpr., Dichodontium flavescens (Dicks.) Lindb., Fissidens fontanus (Bach. Pyl.) Steud., Orthotrichum philibertii Venturi, Rhabdoweisia crispata (Dicks.) Lindb., Schistidium trichodon (Brid.) Poelt var. trichodon and Tortella fasciculata (Culm.) Culm.. In addition, new localities of five rare taxa are presented: Didymodon tophaceus subsp. sicculus (M.J. Cano, Ros, García-Zam. & J. Guerra) Jan Kučera, Ephemerum serratum (Hedw.) Hampe, Mannia triandra (Scop.) Grolle, Oxystegus tenuirostris (Hook. & Taylor) A.J.E. Sm. and Sphaerocarpos michelii Bellardi. Ecological and chorological data are provided for each of the reported taxa. Concluding, at the current state of knowledge, Croatian bryoflora includes 705 taxa, out of which 541 mosses, 162 liverworts and two hornworts.


Balkans, chorology, flora, liverworts, Mediterranean, mosses, rare species, SE Europe.

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