New records for bryophyte flora of Corsica


en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 40 (14) - Pages 153-158

Published on 02 October 2019

As a result of recent field work, three liverworts (Myriocoleopsis minutissima subsp. minutissima (Sm.) R.L. Zhu, Y. Yu & Pócs, Riccia cavernosa Hoffm. emend. Raddi, Riella notarisii (Mont.) Mont.) and five mosses (Brachytheciastrum dieckei (Röll) Ignatov & Huttunen, Hedwigia striata (Wilson) Bosw., Orthotrichum laevigatum J.E. Zetterst., Tortula schimperi M.J. Cano, O. Werner & J. Guerra, and Zygodon forsteri (Dicks.) Mitt.) were newly recorded for Corsica. The new localities are briefly described. As a result, the bryophyte flora of Corsica now comprises 587 species, among which 424 mosses, 160 liverworts and three hornworts.

Keywords :

Chorology, mosses, liverworts, floristics, Europe, France, Mediterranean Basin

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