Rediscovery and lectotypification of Philonotis brevifolia Herzog (Bartramiaceae, Bryophyta), a neglected species from Chile

Soledad JIMENEZ, Guillermo M. SUÁREZ & Juan LARRAÍN

en Cryptogamie, Bryologie 37 (2) - Pages 113-118

Published on 29 April 2016

As part of the revision of Philonotis in South America, a sample collected in Chile perfectly matched the type specimen of P. brevifolia Herzog. This species described from Chile was considered conspecific with P. krausei (Müll. Hal.) Broth. by Seki, but is resurrected here on the basis of the shape, apex, margin of the leaves, the shape of the laminal cells and the position of the papillae on these cells. A lectotype is designated for P. brevifolia, and a detailed and illustrated description is provided, including the traits of new discovered male plants, amending the original description.

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