Une classification animale crétoise à l’âge du bronze ? Le point de vue des Minoens par le prisme de l’iconographie


fr Anthropozoologica 55 (17) - Pages 247-255

Published on 13 November 2020

This article is a part of the thematic issue Appréhender les catégories zoologiques dans les sociétés du passé

A Cretan Bronze Age animal classification? The Minoan view through the prism of iconography

Animals were an integral part of Minoan daily life. Their presence in numerous iconographic representations, in habitat, funerary, and cult contexts, bears witness to this. This exceptional interest in the animal world is accompanied by particular attention to the representation of every details that make it possible (in most cases) to identify exactly which animals are depicted. Such a detailed view of the animal world implies an interest that could go beyond mere attention. Thus, the question arises as to whether this interest leads to a kind of classification or categorization of the animal world and, if so, on which concepts, models or types this classification is based.


Minoan, animals, iconography, classification, zoology, archaeology.

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