Chevaux et scènes équestres dans l'art rupestre de l'âge du Fer de la Péninsule ibérique


fr Anthropozoologica 41 (2) - Pages 125-139

Published on 31 December 2006

This article is a part of the thematic issue Painted and engraved animals: from the form to the sign. Animals in post-Palaeolithic graphic art in the western Mediterranean

Horses and equestrian scenes in Iron Age rock art of the Iberian peninsula

In the assemblage of rock art representations of the Iron Age in the Iberian peninsula, painted figures of horses and equestrian scenes are prominent. Following analysis of their technical, stylistic and morphological characteristics, the study of the archaeological and historical context highlights the preponderant role of horses and their riders in these protohistoric decorative scenes. They are graphic symbols of the economic, political and social ascent of the equestrian elites.


Rock art, Iron Age, Iberian peninsula, horses, equestrian scenes, archaeological context, symbolism, equestrian elites.

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