Vaches laitières et cultures associées au domaine de La Tour-Vaour (Penne-du-Tarn, Tarn)

Marie-Pierre RUAS, Christine RENDU, Guy LACOMBE, Serge LACOMBE & Jean-Denis VIGNE

fr Anthropozoologica 40 (1) - Pages 237-244

Published on 02 September 2005

This article is a part of the thematic issue Agriculture and herding on mountain slopes: the view of archaeologists

Milking cows and farming associated in the La Tour-Vaour property (Penne-du-Tarn, Tarn)

This technical paper aims to contribute to the construction of ethnographical references about animal husbandry practices, mainly for archaeologists. It results from a collaboration between breeders and scientists, during the round table at Penne-du-Tarn ("Cultivations and animal husbandry from mountains to the plain tails"; May 2004). The example concerns a flock of 24 milking cows, bred according to the standards of biological agriculture. The soil is split in two parts situated at 10 km one from the other. Authors emphasize the variability of the practices through the year and from one year to the other.


Milk husbandry, cattle, cereals, seasonality, archaeological reference.

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