Représentations sociales de la domestication des animaux sauvages dans l’ouest du monde touareg (Mali)

Catherine HINCKER

fr Anthropozoologica 39 (1) - Pages 275-288

Published on 30 July 2004

This article is a part of the thematic issue Animal domestications: social and symbolic dimensions. Homage to Jacques Cauvin

Social representations of the domestication of wild animals among the westernTuaregs (Mali)

The way in which wild and domestic animals are named in the Tuareg langage indicates a close and interdependent relationship between these two categories. The techniques of Tuareg domestication provide great autonomy and freedom for the animals; the underlying principle is never to victimize them or break their spirit. This principle of freedom is also applied to the education of children.


Tuareg, Berber, domestication, education, cattle.

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