De la mer au bétail en domaine atlantique : unité et diversité des processus d’apparition de l’élevage à la marge nord-ouest de l’Europe


fr Anthropozoologica 36 - Pages 13-36

Published on 01 April 2003

From harvesting the sea to rearing cattle in Atlantic areas: unity and diversity in the processes involved in the spread of husbandry at the north-western edge of Europe

The ways in which domestic animals and husbandry techniques appeared in north-western Europe remain a controversial topic within the scientific community. Two opposing theories are current. One, featuring colonisation as the main driving force behind the diffusion of domesticates and husbandry technique in this area, is mostly represented within the continental scientific community, while the other, featuring native acculturation, is more common within the Anglo-Saxon community. This paper, using a combination of existing information and fresh evidence, proposes a more subtle position. It argues that a wide variety of situations, which were not mutually exclusive, may have existed at the local or regional scale within north-west Europe.

Beginnings of husbandry, domesticates, Late Mesolithic, Neolithic, north-west Europe.
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