Nourriture, cuillères, ornements... Les témoignages d'une exploitation variée des mollusques marins à Ayios Mamas (Chalcidique, Grèce)

Cornelia BECKER

fr Anthropozoologica 24 - Pages 3-18

Published on 30 December 1996

Food, spoons, ornament... Evidence for a diversified utilisation of sea shells at Ayios Marnas (Khalkidhiki, Greece)

Large quantifies of animal remains, dating from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine period, were excavated at Ayios Marnas (northern Greece). During the Middle Bronze Age in particular, the exploitation of marine molluscs formed one aspect of the subsistence strategy practised there. Amongst the questions discussed are whether these molluscs were used not only as food but also as elements of decoration, as receptacles, as magical objects or even as sources for purple-dye production.


Archaeozoology, malacology, Ayios Marnas, Khalkhidiki, Middle Bronze Age, diversified utilisation.

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