Boucheries et dépotoirs de boucherie gallo-romains

Isabelle RODET-BELARBI & Jean-Hervé YVINEC

fr Anthropozoologica 13 - Pages 19-26

Published on 31 December 1990

Gallo-Roman butchery and butchery middens

This first synthetic study of gallo-roman butchery is the result of remains from five sites, in different locations and of different dates. The study showed the functioning of the butchers' workshops and of the techniques employed. The geographical and chronological spread of the deposits demonstrated that one was dealing with a veritable butchery industry, something which had not existed previously. It must have owed its development to such phenomena as colonization and roman urbanization.

Butchery deposits, Gallo-roman, butchery, Archaeozoology.
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