Reflet d'un aspect de la vie du bord : étude préliminaire des restes osseux de l'épave de l'Aber Wrac'h (Finistère, XVe s.)

Michel L'HOUR & Philippe MIGAUD

fr Anthropozoologica 12 - Pages 3-12

Published on 01 June 1990

An Aspect of Daily Life on Board: Preliminary Study of Bone Remains front the Aber Wrac'h Wreck (Finistère, XVth c.)

The hone remains on the Aber Wrac'h wreck were located in two areas, a butchery area and a rubbish area, which suggested that the remains came from the kitchen of the vessel. The species identified were mostly domestic (sheep, goat, pig, cattle). The small number of pigs and the large number of small ruminants must be noted. Rats and, in particular, rabbits were also found.


Bone remains, Wreck, Butchery.

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