Le castrum du rocher des vierges à Saint-Saturin. Étude de la faune du dépotoir


fr Anthropozoologica 10 - Pages 48-50

Published on 01 June 1989

The castrum of Rocher des Vierges, by Saint-Saturnin. Study of the fauna from the rubbish dump

This note presents the main results of the study of more than 7,000 bones from the rubbish dump of the donjon (Xth-XIth centuries) of Rocher des Vierges, led as part of an archaeological programme about the Hérault valley (France). Sheep and Pig dominated. Butchery and demographical management of flocks are described.


Middle Ages, Languedoc (France), Meat Diet, Animal Husbandry, Butchery.

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