Synedropsis abuflosensis sp. nov., a new araphid diatom (Bacillariophyceae) from the Shatt Al-Arab River, Southern Iraq

Adil Y. AL-HANDAL, Maitham A. AL-SHAHEEN, Rehab N. AL-SAEDY & Angela K. WULFF

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 43 (2) - Pages 31-39

Published on 02 February 2022

Synedropsis abuflosensis sp. nov. is the third species of the genus recorded from a sub-tropical brackish water habitat as opposed to a polar distribution. This species is differentiated from others in the genus by having a different number of slits in the apical slit field at opposite ends of the valve (i.e., 4 at the end possessing a rimoportula versus 5 at the end lacking a rimoportula), an apically oriented rimoportula and 3-4 non-porous cingular bands. Its habitat is different than that of all known Synedropsis Hasle, Medlin & Syvertsen species as it is either benthic or epiphytic in algal mats rather than planktonic or associated with sea ice. The new species was found in waters with a conductivity of 7.1 µS cm-1 (salinity 3.3 psu) and a temperature of 33 °C. Morphological characters of the new species are described based on light and scanning electron microscopy observations. A comparison of S. abuflosensis sp. nov. with morphologically similar species is provided.


araphid diatom, Fragilariaceae, Iraq, Shatt Al-Arab River, Synedropsis, new species

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