The Liagoraceae (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) of the Hawaiian Islands IV: the species of Liagora described by Butters (1911)

John M. HUISMAN & Isabella A. ABBOTT

en Cryptogamie, Algologie 24 (4) - Pages 323-332

Published on 28 November 2003

The eleven species and one variety of Liagora attributed to the Hawaiian Islands by Butters (1911) are revisited. Most have been or are herein reduced to synonymy, and of the five species that were described as new by Butters, the only species still recognized is Liagora hawaiiana. Published accounts of this species are lacking in some details of structure and reproduction. The present paper includes a detailed description of L. hawaiiana, highlighting several of its distinctive features including a slightly diffuse gonimoblast, presence of a fusion cell, and prominent involucre. In addition, L. hawaiiana is newly reported for Lord Howe Island, Australia. The current taxonomic placements of the remaining species are detailed and Liagora hawaiiana Butters, Liagora intricata Butters [= Yamadaella caenomyce], and Liagora maxima Butters [= L. albicans] are lectotypified.

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