Nouveautés dans le genre Lomariopsis Fée (Pteridophyta, Lomariopsidaceae) à Madagascar : trois espèces nouvelles et une espèce africaine nouvellement signalée


fr Adansonia 39 (2) - Pages 101-110

Published on 29 December 2017

Novelties in the genus Lomariopsis Fée (Pteridophyta, Lomariopsidaceae) from Madagascar: three new species and one african species newly recorded

The genus Lomariopsis Fée (Pteridophyta, Lomariopsidaceae) from Madagascar includes six species: L. boivinii Holttum, L. cordata (Bonap.) Alston, L. crassifolia Holttum, L. longicaudata (Bonap.) Holttum, L. madagascarica (Bonap.) Alston and L. pollicina (P. Willemet) Mett. Three new species, L. christensenii Rakotondr., sp. nov., L. commersonii Rakotondr., sp. nov. et L. holttumii Rakotondr., sp. nov. are here newly described and illustrated. One species from Tropical Africa, L. warneckei (Hieron.) Alston, is recorded for the first time in Madagascar and Comoros islands. Scaly, coriaceous, pedonculate and peltate paraphyses are mentioned for the first time in the genus Lomariopsis.


Lomariopsidaceae, Madagascar, juvenile forms, pedonculate and peltate paraphyses, new record, new species

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