New species and new synonymy in the genus Gypsophila L. subgenus Pseudosaponaria Williams (Caryophyllaceae)


en Adansonia 38 (2) - Pages 257-265

Published on 30 December 2016

Gypsophila farsensis Falat., Assadi & F. Ghahrem., sp. nov. is described as a new endemic species of the Center of Iran. Morphological evidences (dichasial inflorescence, tubular-campanulate calyx with wide hyaline intervals, petals two to two and a half times as the calyx with distinct limb and claw, ovules 17-27) support taxonomic placement of the new taxon in Gypsophila L. subgenus Pseudosaponaria Williams. Gypsophila farsensis, sp. nov. is close to G. platyphylla Boiss., but it differs with having shorter habit, thinner stems, glandular-hairy lower internodes, shorter internodes, linear-lanceolate leaves with less width and spatulate petals. Moreover, G. boissieriana Hausskn. & Bornm. is proposed as a synonym of G. platyphylla Boiss. Micromorphology of seeds and pollen grains is described and compared between the described taxa.

Keywords :

Silenoideae, Caryophyllaceae, Fars province, Iran, pollen grains, seed micromorphology, new synonym, new species.

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