A survey of Dendrobium Sw. sect. Formosae (Benth. & Hook.f.) Hook.f. in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

Leonid V. AVERYANOV, Jan PONERT, Phi Tam NGUYEN, Nong Van DUY, Nguyen Sinh KHANG & Van Canh NGUYEN

en Adansonia 38 (2) - Pages 199-217

Published on 30 December 2016

This taxonomic survey of Dendrobium section Formosae in the flora of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam includes 19 species (Dendrobium bellatulum Rolfe, D. cariniferum Rchb.f., D. chapaense Aver., D. christyanum Rchb.f., D. daklakense Tich, Schuit. & J.J.Verm., D. draconis Rchb.f., D. infundibulum Lindl., D. kontumense Gagnep., D. longicornu Lindl., D. multilineatum, D. ochraceum De Wild., D. roseiodorum Sathap., T.Yukawa & Seelanan, D. scabrilingue Lindl., D. senile E.C.Parish & Rchb.f., D. suzukii T.Yukawa, D. trankimianum T.Yukawa, D. trigonopus Rchb.f., D. wattii (Hook.f.) Rchb.f., D. williamsonii Day & Rchb.f.) hitherto recorded from these countries. It includes a key for species identification and updated information on species nomenclature, morphology, phenology, ecology, distribution and tentative conservation status.


Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, flora, nature conservation, lectotypification, new synonyms.

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