Diversité du genre Corybas Salisb. (Orchidaceae, Diurideae) en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Edouard FARIA

fr Adansonia 38 (2) - Pages 175-198

Published on 30 December 2016

Diversity in the genus Corybas Salisb. (Orchidaceae, Diurideae) in New Caledonia

Corybas Salisb. diversity in New Caledonia is reassessed, Corybas neocaledonicus (Schltr.) Schltr. concept is reviewed and delimited, C. aconitiflorus Salisb. is recorded for the first time in New Caledonia and three new taxa are described: C. echinulus E.Faria, sp. nov. with a small flower, less than one centimeter, and a dorsal sepal marked with checkerboard pattern, C. pignalii E.Faria, sp. nov., the biggest species, characterised by a lip with wide lateral lobes, densely pubescent and two glabrous gibbosities and C. × halleanus E.Faria, hybr. nat. nov., a natural hybrid between the two new species here described. A key to the genus in New Caledonia and a few conservation recommendations for each taxon are proposed.


New Caledonia southern province, Mont Mou, biodiversity, UICN, new natural hybrid, new species.

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