Saurauia magentea Danet, sp. nov. (Actinidiaceae), une espèce nouvelle de Papouasie

Frédéric DANET

fr Adansonia 38 (1) - Pages 123-126

Published on 24 June 2016

Saurauia magentea Danet, sp. nov. (Actinidiaceae), a new species from Papua

Saurauia magentea Danet, sp. nov. recently discovered in the Indonesian province of Papua, is described and illustated. It is well characterized by its narrow, multinerved leaf blade and by its magenta flowers, solitary or fasciculate. It differs from the Neo-Guinean species in the section Ramiflorae (Diels) Gilg & Werderm. by having spinules and tiny prickles on the leaves.


Actinidiaceae, Saurauia, New Guinea, Indonesia, Papua, new species

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