Nouveautés taxonomiques et nomenclaturales dans le genre Pteris L. (Pteridaceae) à Madagascar


fr Adansonia 38 (1) - Pages 15-28

Published on 24 June 2016

Taxonomical and nomenclatural novelties in the genus Pteris L. (Pteridaceae) from Madagascar

Some taxonomical and nomenclatural novelties in the genus Pteris from Madagascar are proposed. They supplement and improve some data in the last compilation of Roux (2009) and are presented here under four headings: new species, new synonymies, rejected synonymies and excluded taxa. 1) Four new species are described and illustrated: Pteris janssenii Rakotondr., sp. nov. distinguished by fronds dimorphous, lamina 1-pinnate with entire pinnae, proximal pinnae not reduced and veins free; P. pseudowoodwardioides Rakotondr., sp. nov. near to P. woodwardioides Bory ex Willd. from the Mascareignes, differing by rhizome scales narrow, coriaceous, black-brown, pinnae petiolulated, costular spinules absent or tiny and veins more densely areolate; P. rasoloheryana Rakotondr., sp. nov. with vine-like fronds, lamina 2-pinnate-pinnatifid to 2-pinnate-pinnatisect, costae abaxially muricate, adaxially not spinulose, and rhizome scales concolorous; finally P. rugosa Rakotondr., sp. nov. with rhachis and costae adaxially muricate like P. trachyrachis (Bonap.) C.Chr., differing from it by shorter fronds, to 65 cm long, and pinna apex caudate with dentate margin. 2) Two new synonymies are proposed: Lathyropteris madagascariensis H. Christ with Pteris madagascarica J.Agardh and P. quadriaurita Retz. var. africana Bonap. with Pteris perrieriana C.Chr. 3) Two synonymies are rejected: P. remotifolia Baker/P. remotipinna Bonap. and P. bonapartei C.Chr./P. camerooniana Kuhn. Lastly, 4) Pteris lanceifolia J.Agardh and Pteris lanceifolia var. platyodon (Baker) C.Chr. are considered new synonyms, excluded from the genus Pteris, and transferred to the genus Blotiella R.M.Tryon. Including these taxonomical and nomenclatural changes, 29 species of Pteris are currently known from Madagascar of which 17 are endemic.


Pteris, Pteridaceae, Madagascar, new species, new synonymies, rejected synonymies, excluded taxa

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