New species of Ophiopogon Ker Gawl., Peliosanthes Andrews and Tupistra Ker Gawl. (Asparagaceae) in the flora of Laos and Vietnam

Leonid V. AVERYANOV, Noriyuki TANAKA, Khang Sinh NGUYEN, Hiep Tien NGUYEN & Eugene L. KONSTANTINOV

en Adansonia 37 (1) - Pages 25-45

Published on 26 June 2015

Six new species, Ophiopogon fruticulosus Aver., N.Tanaka & K.S.Nguyen, sp. nov., O. petraeus Aver. & N.Tanaka, sp. nov., Peliosanthes densiflora Aver. & N.Tanaka, sp. nov., P. hexagona Aver., N.Tanaka & K.S.Nguyen, sp. nov., P. lucida Aver., N.Tanaka & K.S.Nguyen sp. nov. and Tupistra breviscapa Aver. & N.Tanaka, sp. nov. (Asparagaceae) discovered in Laos or Vietnam are described and illustrated. Ophiopogon bockianus Diels is newly recorded for the flora of Vietnam. Ophiopogon mairei H.Lév. is regarded as a synonym of O. bockianus. The name Ophiopogon hayatae (N.Tanaka) N.Tanaka, Aver. & T.Koyama, comb. nov., stat. nov. is proposed as a new nomenclatural combination and status. Except for O. bockianus (= O. mairei), the other seven species here reported are endemic either to Vietnam (five species) or Laos (two species).


Asparagaceae, new species, Ophiopogon, Peliosanthes, Tupistra, eastern Indochina, plant diversity, new combination, new status, new species

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