Blotiella confusa Jongkind & W. de Winter, sp. nov. (Dennstaedtiaceae), a new species from lowland tropical West Africa, and its distinction from B. reducta (C.Chr) R.M.Tryon

Carel Christiaan Hugo JONGKIND & Wim de WINTER

en Adansonia 37 (1) - Pages 7-12

Published on 26 June 2015

Blotiella reducta (C.Chr.) R.M.Tryon was originally described as a small fern from the Guinean Highlands of West Africa, but over time it has become a taxonomically confusing mixture of highland and lowland plants. In this publication we describe a new species, Blotiella confusa Jongkind & W. de Winter, sp. nov. based on most of the lowland material previously identified as B. reducta, and we restrict B. reducta to its original concept. A revised identification key for all African species of the genus is provided.


Dennstaedtiaceae, Blotiella, Africa, altitudinal distribution, identification key, new species

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